Färberstraße 2 (Werk I)
Gerberstraße 7 (Werk II)
D-92670 Windischeschenbach
Telefon 0 96 81 - 92 15 - 0

Company Profile

VOLANTE Verkleidungssysteme GmbH was established in 1998 as an independent company for interior vehicle design.  We deliver complete systems for a wide range of interior designs for rail and road vehicles.

Company Site - VOLANTE Verkleidungssysteme GmbH
Company Site - VOLANTE Verkleidungssysteme GmbH

We have delivered our products for installation into projects of well-known tracked vehicle manufacturers and their suppliers and we contributed to assembly operations. Our know-how is reflected in many detail solutions in tracked vehicles, which we developed for and together with our customers.

In addition we manufacture products for all types of interior design as well as for the design and construction of exhibition booths.

Our company lies just off motorway A93 between Regensburg and Hof in the North-East of Bavaria / Germany.

We have a team of well skilled and highly motivated professionals and up-to-date production facilities with a high percentage of CNC-working centers. Thus we are proficient in a large range of technologies for working with wood, synthetic materials (plastic) and metal.  

From the very beginning our certified Quality Management System according to DIN EN ISO 9001 has been a core element of our company which also enabled us to be classified a DB Q1 Supplier (classification system of the German railway).  By adopting the Glueing Standard DIN 6701-2 and successful certification at 2008-Sept-05 we have met the highest requirements of glueing technology in the production of railway vehicles at a very early stage.

Several Fire Protection Certificates according to DIN 5510-2:2009 and EN 45545-2:2013  for compound materials evidence our competency in fire prevention in the field of railway vehicles.