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Material Technologies

To meet our customers' requirements and demands we use a variety of materials and material combinations.

Wood:  Plywood, bent plywood, cross-banded veneers, medium-density fibreboard (MDF), high-density fibreboard (HDF), flat-press particle board (FPY), oriented strand fibre board (OSB), phenolic resin-coated non-slip plywood boards, veneers, and solid wood.

Artificial Fibers : High-pressure laminates(HPL), minerals (artificial stone), PE-honeycomb, PE-extrusion boards, PE-foam mats, foam mats, PA (Polyacrylate), PMMA (Polymethylmethacrylate), PUR foams, hard foams, PUR-casts, PUR lacquers

Glues and adhesives: 1K- and 2K-PUR, PVAc, MMA, EP, glued foils and many more.

Aluminium sheets, aluminium extruded profiles, aluminium extrusion and honey comb,  stainless steel, steel, powder-coated, chromium-plated and anodized.

Range of Materials
Range of Materials